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Toni & Eden at the Shakespeare Festival

Toni and Eden booked a Mommy & Me photoshoot with me. Toni is my Mom's Kindergarten Assistant and Eden is a student at Redeemer. When I heard her daughter was dancing in Redeemer's Shakespeare Festival May Pole Tradition, I knew we had to have our lifestyle photoshoot there!

Upon meeting Toni and Eden, I could immediately tell they had a close a special mother & daughter relationship.

Toni has a dry, sharp whit that takes you by surprise and gets you laughing right away. Eden has a sweet spirit that transports you to the magical world of childhood again.

Redeemer was an extra special location for their Mommy & Me photoshoot since Toni is a staff member and Eden is a student. What a special time in their lives! Can it get any more fairy tale worthy?

Minutes after our mini photoshoot, Eden ran into the school to change into her Renaissance costume. The Shakespeare Festival was about to begin!

Eden and her classmates had been practicing the May Pole dance for days. Today all of their families gathered on the lawn as the music started, ready to see their daughters participate in an old tradition.

The girls lined up and patiently waited for their entrance.

The music started and they began!

Thank you Toni and Eden, for inviting me into your fun world. It was my honor to capture this sweet time in your lives. I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come!

~ Alisha

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