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Hathaway Splash Pad Park

On a summer day in June, Arlo and I went to the splash pad at Hathaway Park in Winston-Salem. It's near Forsyth Country club.

There's a big, castle playground. Make sure to bring shoes for your kiddos! The blue rubber mat floor is very hot.

And of course, what we came there for, THE SPLASH PAD! I would recommend wearing a bathing suit when you go because you are bound to get wet too. I had just as much fun as Arlo! I'm LOVING the fact that being a Mom means it's socially acceptable to run like a crazy person through a splash pad! Yes!

I took Arlo and ran with him through the water. He LOVED it!!

Also, if you wear glasses it might be a good day to wear your contacts or bring your cleaning cloth. Haha! and bring sunscreen!

I'm not sure yet if I would recommend this location as a family photoshoot location. It's a bit wild! But I definitely recommend Hathaway Park for any family wanting to have fun in water this summer!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

~ Alisha

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