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Dear Momtrepreneur, You are ALL POWERFUL

Dear Momtrepreneur,

Although you may feel overwhelmed and that you have the odds stacked against you, I have something to tell you... you are the MOST POWERFUL type of entrepreneur.



YES YOU MAMA, you are the most powerful entrepreneur because you:

  • understand the value of time

  • possess the ability to adapt

  • hold the power of love

  • have the resilience to keep going

1. The Value of Time

You have children who have been for many years right at your side, tugging your pants as you go to the bathroom, yelling at you as you take a shower, eating the food off your plate, wanting you to play with them 24/7. You hardly have ANY time to yourself. Because of this, you know something very important: the value of time.

Understanding that value of time empowers you to count every minute you spend as your business. You will log your hours and make sure you get paid for the precious time you spend away from your family. As a mother, you are empowered by your awareness of time to create a profitable business.

2. The Ability to Adapt

Your children grow from a wiggly thing that does not understand any language, to a grown adult that has complete thoughts of their own. Each and every day you learn new ways to teach your children and adjust to their ever evolving growth. A business needs to adapt to business and market changes. As a mother, you are empowered to create a business that will adapt to any situation.

4. The Power of Love

Kids are horrible. The poop and pee on you. They throw up on you. They pull your hair, pinch, hit and punch you. They say they hate you. They don't pay for anything. They slam doors in your face. They scream until they get what they want. Yet, you still love them. Your business is a child. It will challenge you in every way, but because you understand the power of love, you are ready for it. As a mother, you are empowered by the power of the love to overcome any obstacles because you LOVE what you do!

5. Resilience to Keep Going

Your kids are dependent on you 24/7, you have to adapt every day to their growing personalities, you love them despite of the struggles, and ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS you hear all types of opinions on how you are doing it wrong, or how you should be doing it better, or what they should be or should not be eating, reading, seeing, hearing, breathing, and you KEEP ON BEING A BADASS MAMA! DESPITE IT ALL! As a mother, you are empowered by your strengthened ability to keep on going despite any doubts.

I know you can have days where you feel like you can't run your business. But just remember, you are a Mother.

Mothers are all powerful.


~ Alisha, your fellow momtrepreneur

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