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Welcome to the World Baby Emerson

Linda and Daniel welcomed Emerson into the world a few weeks early. They had a few names picked out for him. Because he arrived early, they named him Emerson, which means strong. He is a strong little one.

I jumped for joy when she e-mailed me saying he was finally out of the ICU and was home with his sister Leigh Caroline! We made our plans for their lifestyle family/newborn photoshoot shortly afterwards.

I traveled from Clemmons, North Carolina to their home in Ardmore, Winston-Salem.

They wanted to capture their family at home as they are, comfy and cozy. If you know me, you know that I always try to bring in pets into a lifestyle family photoshoot. Usually we save that for the end, but this time the dog was camera ready first thing!

They sat together in bed and admired their newest family member.

Don't let that shy face fool you, that puppy loves the camera.

Emerson looked inquisitively at me.

Look at those blue eyes and chubby cheeks!

We headed upstairs to Leigh Caroline's room.

There Mama Linda rocked baby Emerson in the rocking chair.

Baby Emerson needed a break to nurse, so Daniel and Caroline took a break and read a book that she picked out.

When Linda and Emerson joined in again, Caroline showed Emerson her love of reading.

They each took a turn, holding baby Emerson and welcoming him to the world.

Welcome to the world baby Emerson. You are loved SO much by your Mom, Dad and big Sister. Whited family, thank you for inviting me into your home to capture this special moment in the beginning of a new adventure.

Enjoy these photos for all the years to come!

~ Alisha

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