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James' 17th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday James!

For James' 17th Birthday we weren't sure what theme to pick. Then Sarah said, "He likes money!" and BAM! There was our theme. A money birthday party.

Titi Karen was amazing and got all sorts of money themed decor!

Those are money mints!

The money themed party color palette was white, black, green and gold.

As a party table center piece we used a flower pot decorated with money.

James reunited with his New York Puerto Rican familia.

Lots of outdoor party games were played.

The ball may or may not have gotten stuck in a tree.

And maybe in the neighbor's yard....

The adults laughed and chatted in the outdoor patio.

Arlo found some rocks and throwed them for about 2 hours haha! My grandma brought him a pillow because he looked tired and he just relaxed on the rocks.

Of course we took a family group photo!

Happy 17th Birthday James!!!!

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