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Guess Who is Coming to Breakfast!?

Megan texted me and said she was pregnant! She wanted me to take their pregnancy announcement photo! I was SO excited for them and honored to be the first few in on the celebration!

Since I've been photographing their family for a while and know them well, ideas immediately began popping into my head. I wanted to capture their family being themselves at home. I love how laid back their family is and I wanted to capture that. I sent her about 3 ideas to choose from for a lifestyle pregnancy announcement photoshoot.

She chose "Guess Who is Coming to Breakfast".

I traveled from my home in Arcadia, near Winston-Salem, North Carolina to their home in Stoneville, near Mayodan.

We had the idea to have them eat breakfast at home in their P.J's and have a spot set out for the new baby who will soon be having breakfast with them too! Megan had the brilliant idea to include her ultrasound photo!

One day when we were hanging out, Megan told me that Ada walked up to Josh one morning and handed him a cup of coffee. She had made it all by herself! Talk about parent goals! So of course we captured Ada making coffee!

Though my specialty is candids, a pregnancy announcement photo is begging for a posed shot. I love all their unique reactions, especially Josh haha!

After we made sure we captured a pregnancy announcement photo they all loved, we captured some moments with Ada. Megan said, "This may be our last family photoshoot with Ada as an only child." I thought that was such a sweet realization.

Megan reads to Ada every night before bed.

Ada is at such a sweet age where her room is full of fun toys and her imagination can run wild! I wanted to capture this about her, so we let her have fun in her room!

Megan helped her put on her princess dress, the pink one which she picked out, and then we let her go wild!

These may be some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. There's nothing quite like a little kid taking joy in complete freedom to play.

Congratulations Josh, Megan, Ada and little one! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part in creating your very special announcement! Enjoy these photos for all the years to come.

~ Alisha

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