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Casey & Joseph's Baby Gender & Name Reveal!

I met Casey & Joseph through Heather Levinson. Joseph, Heather's brother, and Casey, her sister-in-law were there for Beatrice's water birth!

When they asked me to photograph their gender reveal party for their baby I was so excited!

I traveled from my home in Arcadia (near Winston-Salem, North Carolina) to Lewisville. Their family gathered at Westbend Winery.

I was greeted with memories of old (a framed Winston Journal article) and walked into a room full of new memories in the making.

Their baby's ultrasound photos were decoratively hung out for all to admire. What a creative idea! I love it!

Let me tell you, editing photos of their cakes was torturous. All I want is cake.

Lemon water for the hot summer day!

Guests ate delicious food and chatted indoors, while some played outdoors.

I think this is the moment they were trying to get Joseph to reveal the gender early. They said, "Just look at the pink cup or blue cup to let us know." He glanced up and then I heard, "He looked at the pink one!!!" This is the moment of denial.

The time had come and Joseph told everyone to gather outside. They were going to reveal the gender with two cannons that would send blue or pink streamers into the sky!


and the name is...

Congratulations Casey, Joseph, Olivia, family and friends!

Baby girl already has a village of people who love her so much! Enjoy every little moment.

~ Alisha

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