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Sarah's Senior Portraits in Nyack, New York

My cousin Sarah is heading into her Senior Year of High School! Gosh it seems like yesterday I took this photo of her on my grandma's swing set...

Then it was her sweet sixteen in the same backyard...

Look how much she's grown!!! Oh my goodness, time flies. This is the dress she wore to her dedication as a baby!

Now she's getting ready to graduate Nyack High School as a proud member of the honor roll!

I felt so blessed to take her senior portraits for her during our family trip from Winston-Salem, North Carolina up to New York this summer.

During her photoshoot, we visited the old High School building where her Mom and her sister graduated! How sweet is that...

Then we took a trip to the river side park which was nearby. Sarah sat down to sketch, one of her favorite past times during her High School years.

During her Junior Year, she traveled with Nyack High School musicians to the WorldStrides Onstage Music Festival in Washington D.C. They achieved national recognition in winning numerous music awards, including the overall Sweepstakes Award!

Anyone who knows Sarah, knows this photo is so her..

Our photoshoot was suppose to be 1 hour, but we had so much fun it took around 2.5 hours. Haha! I can do that since she's family! We were having just to much fun on the river side.

Congratulations Sarah on becoming a Senior! It seems like yesterday you were a sweet little girl laughing in Mama's backyard. What happened!? Haha, just kidding. I'm so proud of the amazing young lady you've become! We can always count on you to be responsible, creative, and hold your own gaming with the boys. I'm so happy you are in my life. It's been my honor to take your senior portraits. I love you!

Your cousin,

~ Alisha

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