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The Best Fall Photoshoot Locations in Winston

We're in for golden leaves at sunset, cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, and family time this fall season! With auburn, golden, and ruby red leaves, this is the perfect time for your last family photoshoot of the year.

Here are my favorite locations for a fall photoshoot near Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

1. Old Salem

If you go during late October, they will have pumpkins out and about! You can always bring your own just to make sure. There are three specific spots at Old Salem that I really like to go to get beautiful fall colored leaves.

The only down side for choosing Old Salem as your photoshoot location is that A LOT of people also have their photos taken there, ESPECIALLY in the fall. One year I saw 12 family photoshoots going on at the same time as mine. Sometimes we have to wait in line to take a photo at a pretty spot, or work extra hard to keep little kids and pets to focus while people are passing.

Before 9:00am is the best time to go to Old Salem because it is less likely to be as crowded.

2. Hanes Park

I love Hanes Park because every time I go, there are no crowds! There is a stone stair case, two bridges, a playground and a grassy area with trees that turn yellow in the fall. Bring a picnic, fly paper airplanes, do what you love with your family! We brought Erin's Dalmatian puppy there and she was able to run free since there were no people there.

3. Miller Park

Miller Park is a park in the woods. So if you REALLY want a place with lots of trees and colorful leaves, Miller Park is the place to go!

4. C.G Hill Memorial Park in Pfafftown

A pond surrounded by trees in the fall is absolutely gorgeous! There is a bridge and gazebo there as well. This location is not likely to be crowded. There is an open grassy area over the hill there. It's a perfect spot to run around and fly a kite. Early morning or at sunset are the best times for this location.

There you have it! Those are my tried and true favorite fall photoshoot locations.

As a lifestyle family photographer, I create play centered photoshoots to empower your family to be themselves in front of the camera. When you are considering what location to choose, first consider your home and backyard where your family makes most of their memories. When thinking of locations away from home, consider where your family likes to have fun and what your favorite fall traditions are. Go pumpkin picking, get some warm apple cider, bake fall goods at home, go for a hike in the mountains (Ooo a fall mountain view!!) do what you love with the people you love, in the places you love.

Happy fall!

Enjoy the little moments today,


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