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How to Take Perfectly Timed Candid Photos

OBSERVE. ANTICIPATE. GET READY. - the key elements to taking a perfectly timed candid photo

I practice this technique in all of my photoshoots, and especially during parties and weddings.

During an event I'm photographing, I am an observer. I have my hands on my camera at all times. I watch everyone around me (it's not creepy, I swear, I get paid to do this HAHA). As I look at someone, I try and guess what they are going to do next and whether or not it will be a good photo opportunity.

For instance, Joseph telling a joke at his gender reveal party. I bet everyone will laugh because he really is hilarious...

I bet Jessica will want to go through the tunnel with her Mom again. Let me go to the other side...



OBSERVE those around you.


ANTICIPATE what they are going to do.


GET READY to be in the best spot to capture that moment before it happens.

There you have it! Go capture those real moments that are so worth cherishing forever.

Enjoy the little moments today,


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