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A Fall Afternoon with The Whitakers

"Let's meet at our local produce stand and then go to our backyard for a picnic!" Catrena texted me as we planned her lifestyle fall family photoshoot. YES! I was so excited to capture every day moments of their family on a Sunday afternoon.

Annabelle and Jake were so excited to pick pumpkins! We guided them to a cute spot and I asked Annabelle to make Jake laugh. A few days ago he randomly started singing Happy Birthday to his milk, so they asked him to do it again to get a few laughs. These three are just too cute.

Annabelle, Jake and Catrena headed inside of Dobson's produce to get some candy. The Whitaker's call Dobson's Produce "José's" since they know José, the owner.

They put the pumpkins in the trunk and headed to home sweet home. Annabelle's cat was waiting for us.

Catrena brought out a blanket her sister Santana gave her for a birthday gift. They sat down to have a snack picnic.

Catrena loves to bake! She made smore dip in a cast iron pan for their picnic.

Their home overlooks the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway.

Catrena is currently a teacher and grad student (plus a Mama of t