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Buying my kid a Christmas present? Read this!

I love you. I love you and how generous you are to spend your hard earned money to provide my child with a Merry Christmas! I'm blown away by your generosity, so much so, sometimes it's hard to be honest to you and say,

"We don't need any more toys."

I know that may sound crazy, and maybe you think poorly of me for saying that. I promise I'm not trying to be a grinch!

But I spend almost every day with my child and we have so much fun DOING things together. He does love toys, and I am grateful he has toys, but I am even more grateful for the experiences he has.

As the years go by, I want to fill his life, not with tons of toys, but with memorable experiences that stimulate all of his senses.

When he thinks back on his childhood, I want him to remember long days in the backyard exploring nature, baking yummy goods in the kitchen, expressing himself through art, learning about the world through his books, and spending time with the people he loves.

So this Christmas, of course I won't be mad if he gets toys. I will be thankful and excited that he has family who loves him so much!

But if you would like to help me create a childhood for him that is rich in memories, here are a few Christmas present ideas:

1. An Experience To-Go

A gift card to a place that provides an experience for him.

(Kaledium, McKays, Barnes and Nobles, a trampoline park, a kid's museum)

2. Invitation to Create Art

(blank journals, chalk, art supplies)

3. Invitation to Play Outside

(garden seeds, kite, picnic basket, bike, skateboard, a sandbox (wooden please!), a basket of pretty stones)

4. An Experience with You!

Parents are always happy to have a babysitter! Create your own day of fun with our child and offer to take him on a day adventure!

Thank you for helping make this Christmas a wonderful one for my child!

Thank you for joining the village who will create memorable, joyfilled experiences for our child!

Humbly grateful,

An honest Mother

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