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Erin & Dalmatian Cleo's Annual Photoshoot

Erin and I went to West Forsyth High School together in Clemmons (I graduated in 2009). We did SO many musicals and plays together. Today she's a nurse (who has traveled all over!) and I'm, well you know, a lifestyle photographer.

Once a year, I have the honor of capturing Erin & Cleo's (her Dalmatian baby) annual photoshoot! We always get together in a fall at a location where Cleo can run freely.

My favorite photo from 2015:


and here are my favorites from 2017!

We met at the Guildford Courthouse National Military Park in Greensboro. I live in Winston-Salem and she lives in Raleigh so it was a perfect place in the middle.

Erin and Cleo spend their days hiking the mountains of Maine, Colorado, North Carolina and many other places! She found this park in her book of trails for North Carolina.

I look forward to my pet lifestyle photoshoot with them every year. We let Cleo roam free and prompt her with sticks and treats!

I love you two so much Erin & Cleo! I love seeing all the adventures you get into and am so happy you make it back to North Carolina for our annual photoshoot!

~ Alisha

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