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The Patterson's Home Sweet Home Photoshoot

Each family journey I capture has a special place in my heart. As I see their children grow and get to know them more, it starts to feel like I am one of the family. This photoshoot is extra special for me because they really are my family! Karla is my cousin from my Mom's side.

I traveled from my home in Arcadia (near Winston-Salem, North Carolina) to Karla and Larry's new home in Raleigh.

They built their home from the ground up. They were able to choose everything they wanted to make their house feel like home.

For the lifestyle family photoshoot, we planned a few activities for them to do, based on what they do during their daily life.

Karla says she always has a puzzle on their dining room table. They gathered around and helped each other find where the pieces went. A few days after our photoshoot, she posted a photo on facebook of the finished product!

I love this idea. It's such a sweet way to take a break and enjoy creating something together.

We headed to the kitchen for pancake time!

It's so adorable how Sebastian and Seth just peek over the top of the island.

Seth and Sebastian often look out of their stairwell window to see what's going on in their neighborhood. What a sweet moment to preserve in a photo.

We headed to the boys room to play video games!

I remember playing video games with my brother growing up. We played Nintendo 64. The names of the games were simple, "Mario Kart", "Donkey Kong", "Zelda". I asked the boys what they like to play and I couldn't tell you the name of the game. Does this mean I'm old now?

Such a sweet idea to capture this stage of their life.

Their neighbor carved Seth's name in wood as a gift! How sweet!

Congratulations to Larry and Karla on your new home sweet home! It has been my honor to capture the memories you share together. Muchos besos!

Te quiero mucho,


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