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Baby Harvey is on the way!

When I had just become a new mom, I was in love with my baby, but also going completely stir crazy being at home alone all day. I saw an event through Hike it Baby for a coffee walk. They were planning to meet in downtown Winston-Salem at Juxtaposition Dance Studios and walk to the Coffee Park Airstream. Afterwards they were having a baby wearing dance class!

Coffee? Getting outside? Meeting Moms? AND DANCE CLASS!? YES!

There I met Kay.

Kay is the owner and head dance teacher at Juxtaposition Dance Studios.

As an introvert, I can be socially anxious sometimes. With Kay, I felt immediately welcomed and comfortable! I felt like we had already known each other for years.

Needless to say, I kept coming back to her dance studio for dance classes with Arlo, my son. It was the highlight of our week!

Kay has two sweet boys, Ben and Judah. One week she announced she was pregnant!

When she asked me to take her maternity portraits, my heart started dancing.

Her company prioritizes dance over competition and my company prioritizes storytelling over styling. I feel that means we both have something in common, we prioritize love and authenticity in our businesses.

One day on instagram she posted a photo of her backyard pond at sunrise. It was gorgeous! I told her we needed to have her maternity photoshoot there, at her home in Clemmons, so we did! We met really early before sunrise.

She got her boys up and dressed while her husband, Matt, finished the dishes. "Yes me doing the dishes, now that's real life," Matt said with a laugh. I know how he feels!

The sun began to rise so we headed outside.

Right before I left, gorgeous light started to enter their porch. They were starting construction on their porch and the bare wood was beautiful. There's something gorgeous and sentimental about a place in transition, whether it be a family in the process of moving from their home, bringing home a baby, or redoing their porch. Like Baby Harvey who is on the way (that's his name! Isn't it so cute?), it's the start of a new adventure.

Kay thank you so much for all the opportunities for joy you gave Arlo and I. I hope these photos give that joy right back to you and your family as you await the arrival of Baby Harvey.

Enjoy your photos and memories for all the years to come,


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