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Rebecca & Zack's Wedding

Rebecca and Zack traveled from their home in Japan to get married in Pfafftown, NC at Rebecca's childhood church.

It was a colorful November morning, not too hot, not too cold.

Rebecca opened the doors to the church and welcomed me inside. Vendors and a few family members were briskly walking around putting the final details in place.

"I'm afraid I'm going to laugh when I look at him at the altar," Rebecca said.

I was surprised because most brides say they're afraid they are going to cry, but as I got to know them throughout the day, I saw them share quick, witty humor that'll have you belly laughing.

She had a silver coin in her shoe, a wedding tradition which has evolved to symbolize the wish for prosperity.

Her unique, fall bouquet included pine cones!

"The groomsmen are ready for their photos!" a friend told me. I went upstairs and they asked, "What should we do?" During our pre-wedding meeting, Rebecca and I connected over our love for candid photos. So, I told the guys to find a game to play. Zack found bingo! The perfect game to play right before you get married, haha.

Later Zack said this moment was one of his favorites from his wedding day.

They didn't need to actually finish the bingo game, but Zack insisted they needed to, which made it all even more hilarious.

So close to winning!

Rebecca surprised her bridesmaids with gifts.

Her mother and friends helped her get into her wedding dress.

Music began to fill the church as guests began to arrive.

With the sharing of vows and rings in the presence of their friends and family, they were married!

After family photos at the altar, the bridal party headed outside with me for a few fun, fall photos.

Me, "Do something that summarizes your relationship."


Me, "Do you want to do a fun photo?"


The bridal party headed into the reception. Zack and Rebecca stayed with me so we could take a few more newlywed photos.

With the rush of anticipation leading to the wedding ceremony, followed by a scheduled family photo session, the newlywed photoshoot is a calm, relaxing moment for them to share before heading into the party!

They shared a moment in the parlor as I went to the reception.

The pianist was a fellow Pickle from UNCSA like myself!

Guests left messages for the newlyweds on video.

When I asked Rebecca what her favorite part of the wedding process was, she said it was making the greenery arch for the video booth. During all the chaos and anticipation, she found a moment of relaxation and joy as she intertwined greenery for her wedding day.

Rebecca and Zack made a quiet, humble entrance but their family and friends didn't get them arrive without an applause.

They spent as much time as they could catching up with friends and family that they haven't seen in a long while. Rebecca later told me this was her favorite part of her wedding day.

"When can we have a cupcake!?" - the urgent question this little guy wanted to know the answer to.

"Can you take a photo of Zack with his childhood friends? They all grew up playing video games together and now they live all over the world." - the Groom's wonderful, thoughtful mother.

"Do you want to do a fun photo?"


The kids were relieved to know cake time had arrived!

Bubbles were passed around, the guests lined up and got ready to send off the newlyweds!