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The Whitaker's Christmas at the Farm

Every photoshoot with The Whitaker's is pure magic. For their fall 2017 photoshoot we jumped on trampolines, picked pumpkins, at smore dip, and watched the sunset over their gorgeous mountain view.

I was already ready to come back for their Christmas photoshoot. I drove from my home in Clemmons, N.C to meet The Whitaker Family at their farm in Dobson.

We had no specific plan, which was really freeing and fun. We walked around their land and took a short drive to their farm and captured their family having an easy going afternoon together.

Jake ran up to Sissy and motioned for her to pick him up, suddenly realized she wasn't his Mom, and walked away. They all burst out laughing.

"You thought I was Mommy!? Hahaa!"

We walked to the barn with a wreath Catrena received from the local farms nearby.

"I'm not sure where I'm going to hang it," She said. When we got to the barn, we looked around for a spot to hang it. Surprise! There was a nail placed perfectly, as if it was waiting to hold up a Christmas wreath.

Not too far from their house, is their farm where Dad spends his time harvesting. We took a trip there to take photos next to the pretty, red barn.

"I know of a place with pretty fall leaves," Catrena said. So we ventured into the woods!

We wanted to get a photo of everyone sitting together on a log we found in the woods. Everyone sat down but Jake decided he'd much rather explore. So, instead of a pretty photo with everyone smiling, we captured a leaf battle! Which, you know, might've been even better.

When Catrena saw this next photo she said, "Am I crazy to want this one as my Christmas card photo?" Ah! I love it! A mom after my own heart.

One of my favorite parts of winter, is how beautiful the evergreen trees look in contrast to the dry nature around them. We found some on their land, right next to a beautiful, golden field that was seeing its last days this season.

The kids began to pick the beans that were still holding on.

Steven showed the kids how to find the beans inside.

Thank you Whitakers for inviting me to your farm, to capture your family during this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

~ Alisha

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