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The Holland Family's Moving Lifestyle Family Photoshoot

Jessica filled out the family questionnaire and told me about their family story.

She said her family was in the process of listing their home for sale and finding a new place to call home.

I created three different lifestyle photoshoot plans. One of them was a moving themed photoshoot at home. When she read the ideas, she said,

"We loved the idea of doing the shoot at home - so crazy how the one location that I thought was out of the running is the one we liked the best once you made those suggestions?! I can already tell that you will be great to work with. :)"

So on a Sunday morning before Thanksgiving, I went to their home sweet home.

There I met their sweet baby boy Avery.

"Avery is usually smiling - when you can get his sweet, chubby hands out of his mouth! :) He's just learned to roll over and thinks he is super cool now (he is <3)" - Jessica.

She wasn't kidding! This baby may just be the happiest baby I've ever met.

Jessica and Travis dressed him up in his Sunday best as he smiled and grinned the entire time.

One thing Jessica said to me before hand really resonated with me, "I, as his mother, am not in most of the pictures of him because I am the one taking them so I would love to have some images of just he and I."

As my own family's photographer, I can definitely relate to this! It is my honor to capture moments that are hard to capture on your own.

Tokens from their love story over the years fill their house with warm memories.

We went upstairs to the nursery.

Every night Jessica and Travis read Avery bedtime stories.

Avery is so loved and has a gorgeous hand made basinet of his very own.

Avery has the cutest baby laugh imaginable. Jessica is able to make him laugh as if on cue! It is SO adorable and I'm so glad we created photos to capture it.

Jessica brought out the moving boxes they will soon be using to move to their new home!

Avery played in his bouncer while Mom and Dad shared a moment together in the kitchen.

"He loves to cook and I love to eat. We enjoy baseball, hanging out at home together and making each other laugh." - Jessica.

Travis had just had a birthday and there was still some birthday carrot cake left!

Their cat wanted some attention too.

Travis and Jessica love to go to baseball games. Travis has a mit handed down to him from his Paw Paw. It was extra special to incorporate it into the photoshoot.

Many of these photos we didn't pose at all. Like these two. Jessica was making Avery laugh by being silly. It was so adorable.

A note from Jessica before their photoshoot, "My hope is that he will look at these photos when he is grown and be able to see the love his daddy and I have for him."

The love you two have for Avery is so vibrant it shows through in every photo.

Enjoy for all the years to come,


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