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Collaboration Event: Juxtaposition Dance Studio + Alisha Raquel Photography

There’s a corner of Winston-Salem that is home to some of my most favorite local business such as Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance, The Porch, Cafe Gelato, and Juxtaposition Dance Studio.

If you drive down Canal Drive, you’ll find a large wooden building called West End Millworks. Walk up the wooden steps, down the walkway and at the end of the left you’ll find Juxtaposition Dance Studio.

Open the glass door and you’ll be greeted by Kay! She’ll most likely have her toddler Judah with her, perhaps her son Ben too, and soon to be her third baby Harvey! We had a lifestyle maternity photoshoot at her home to celebrate.

She always has a smile on her face and makes you feel right at home.

I’m especially excited to start attending her adult class again to make all my childhood dancing dreams come true. Arlo, my almost 2 year old son and I, love going to her toddler movement class. Kay and I became friends and decided to do a collaborative event together. She would host her toddler movement class, and I would come and take photos.

(Kay with Judah, Arlo and me)

As toddlers and Moms begin to arrive, Kay observes what the kids naturally want to do.

One by one she takes out items from behind her magic red folding wall. Each item inspires the toddlers to get creative, move and dance around.

When the moment is right, she turns on music and leads the kids and moms in a dance/movement routine. It really is amazing to see toddlers learn to take direction and move their bodies.

It's so sweet to see the kids start to interact with the others and develop their own personality.

Beatrice is so sweet. She likes dancing, and smiling at you!

Luke is such a sweet observer. Today he sat with his Mama and it was so sweet to see how much he loved her.

Francesca is Arlo's friend. She is starting to speak in full sentences, "That's Arlo, and I'm cute!" Is one of my favorite sentences she wrote.

Christina is pregnant with her second! Little Oliver is so sweet, timid and kind.

We all saw Sam just a few weeks after he was born! It was wild to come back week after week and she how much he's grown in such a short time. He may be able to walk soon!

Clara is one of my favorites. Probably because she's a strong, independent girl who loves food and isn't afraid to take some of the snacks from the boys. Just like me.

Heather and Christina's kids started to dance at the same time and the collective Mom "Aaaaaw" filled the room.

Oliver sharing his toy with Beatrice! Those two are probably the sweetest kids of the group.

Arlo sort of made his way around with me, photobombing a few people's photos.

We had a future dancer arrive for the first time today!

Judah is definitely the leader of the pack. You can tell he's a dance studio baby. He knows all the choreography.

Going to Juxtapostion Dance class with him is one of my best decisions as a Mom. I cannot thank Kay enough for providing the opportunity for us to bond, socialize, develop movement skills and make ever lasting memories.

If you'd give the gift of dance class for a little one, Kay has gift cards available (a perfect birthday gift for a toddler).

If you'd like photos of your family that capture real life moments, say hello and I'll create a complimentary, personalized photoshoot plan for you.

Just keep dancing!

~ Alisha Raquel

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