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Easter at Home

The Levinson's moved into their new home just in time for Easter.

They hid eggs in their front yard, prepared snacks in the kitchen, picked out a good book to read, and invited me over to capture some of their first memories in their new home sweet home.

Bea helped Jason put on his shoes and we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt.

There were a few expert level hidden eggs and a few easy to find eggs. Cassie helped Bea find her eggs.

Cassie & Bea are wearing dresses made by Shway Shway, a local business owned by a Syrian Refugee.

Heather had left over baked goodies from a bake sale she hosted with Kid Activists of Forsyth County, "A new group focused on involving our children in meaningful community-building work and activism".

Heather created Kid Activists to give parents an opportunity to include their children in their efforts to help serve their community.

Don't be fooled by these picture perfect moments, yes we had a toddler with us, yes the baked goods almost fell to the floor.

Jason had Heather cracking up as they tried to recreate real moments they share in the kitchen.

Does trying to figure out last minute dinners and trying to drink coffee in peace sound familiar to any parents out there?

To distract Bea from the bunny ears she wasn't too keen on wearing, Heather and Cassie sang itsy bitsy spider, and ooooh my goodness, look at these adorable moments we got!

So perfectly sweet,

So realistically sour.

This moment kills me...

Bea's so smart she's ready to go into the third grade. She even knows how to taunt their dog with food.

Cassie and Bea dug into their Easter goodies. She gave herself the hard candies and Bea got the chocolates.

Heather asked if they wanted their bunny to join them. I thought she was going to bring out a beloved stuffed animal, but then I was surprised when she brought out a REAL bunny.

Bea very kindly offered the bunny a piece of candy.

We played a few tunes and Bea broke it down at the ballet bar.

Spaces which invite children to create art, are my favorite spots of a home.

I especially love that they can hang their art up when it's ready!

Once we were able to convince Bea she wouldn't have to take a nap, we were able to finish the photoshoot with story time!

Thank you Jason, Heather, Cassie and Beatrice for inviting me into your home to capture your Easter 2018 photos! From your engagement, Bea's birth and newborn photos, and all the moments in between, I know I don't have to tell you that I'm honored to capture your family's story over the years.

To many more years of happiness,


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