Patrick & Mica's Wedding

On Friday March 16th, 2018, Mica arrived at The Barn in Reynolda Village, to begin getting ready for her wedding day.

She entered the loft and found her ring, wedding dress and bouquet waiting for her.

Her mother watched her transform into a bride.

Meanwhile, across the hall, the boys got ready.

Mica walking to the first look with her Father.

Her mother, sister and bridesmaid couldn't help but cry while watching such a sweet moment.

Carefully guarding the bride as Patrick walks to the first look destination.

Patrick waited inside of the great Magnolia tree with his back turned to Mica who made her way through the branches to him.

Before each wedding, I make sure we get a list of all the posed photos the family wants. Then we place a photoshoot time into the schedule.

We went to the church early for a few family photos. I just love the moments in between posed photos.