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Montessori Family Play Time

"This is our very first lifestyle family photoshoot!"

She told me as we looked through the photos on my camera.

She told me she use to only focus on perfectly posed, smiling photos. If their kids did something else, it was "wrong" and would ruin the photo.

But now, after seeing her lifestyle family photos, she realized she loves imperfect reality so much more.

She loves how her daughters use their imagination to make woodland pancakes.

She loves the little bruises on their legs, souvenirs of their adventures which need not be photoshopped out.

During the photoshoot, her two girls ran into each other and hit their heads. They started to cry and I turned the camera away. But then something magical happened, the power of healing kisses. So I took a risk, and photographed the moment.

Such a precious gift of motherhood, the ability to heal wounds with a single kiss.

She loves being a volunteer at their Montessori school, where their photoshoot takes place.

The girls lead us to a gate which leads to a honeysuckle bush. Mom and Dad showed the girls how to drink the sweet nectar drops that are hidden inside.

We took a few posed photos, just because they're nice to have too.

They recreate this photo every year while the kids are still small.

Thank you for trusting me to capture lifestyle photos of your family in a place ya'll dearly love and cherish!

Enjoy the little moments,


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