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Photoshoot Location: Salem Lake

If you live near Winston-Salem or Kernersville, and you like taking walks outside, playing on playgrounds, fishing, boating and going off trail creek exploring, Salem Lake may be a good location for your lifestyle family photoshoot.

If you walk around the lake, about a 5/10 minute walk (during which you could get candid photos of ya'll biking, scootering (? is that a word), walking, or any other fun way you have of transporting yourselves, you'll come to this gorgeous stream area which is hidden from view just a short way off the trail.

Turn around and you'll have a good window through the trees to the lake.

If you have children, Salem Lake has a new playground! When we get all the cute photos in nature, we can end the photoshoot at the playground and let the kids freely play and take candid photos.

(photo from Google)

If you have fishing poles, or a small boat, the lake is open for fishing and boating!

I would recommend scheduling in extra traveling time just incase you get lost, it's very easy to get lost on the way to Salem Lake if you haven't been before. The address is 1001 Salem Lake Road.

Restrooms and water fountains are available near the playground which is right next to the parking lot right before the gate to drive up to the Salem Lake center building.

We took these photos in the late afternoon (around 5-6 during the month of May). I think the morning before the sun gets too high, or the evening when the sun begins to set would be a good time to take photos at Salem Lake.

There's a paved trail, perfect for strollers (but beware of very fast bikers) that goes all the way around the lake. You can spot, geese, ducks and turtles if you keep your eyes open. Beware the trail is VERY long!

I hope this blog helps you choose your lifestyle family photoshoot location, or just a new place to go have fun with your family! Enjoy!

~ Alisha Raquel

Winston-Salem Lifestyle Family Photographer

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