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The Marks Family at Home

The Marks Family invited me to their home sweet home, near Winston-Salem North Carolina for the lifestyle family photoshoot.

“These are the first photos we’re having taken of all four of us together.” - Michelle told me as we looked through the photos in my camera, making this photoshoot even more special.

Sam started singing the little piggy song as he played with Nate's toes.

You couldn't pose a cuter moment!

We captured the small, ordinary, daily moments which they share together at home sweet home.

You know, those little moments like when you’re reading to your baby in bed and you wish someone could capture the moment so you can save it forever?

That’s what I’m here for.

I love taking photos in the kids’ rooms because as each milestone is reached, their sweet baby will get a new bed, new decorations and their room will change just as much as they will.

Michelle and Aaron like to hang out in the backyard and play soccer with Sam and their black lab. So we went outside to do just that!