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The Patterson's at Home

"I want you to capture us. That's what I admire about lifestyle photography so very much.

Sometimes when I'm putting the kids to bed I think man I wish we had someone here to photograph this because these moments are precious. You know the ones where we're all piled together reading books and snuggled up together. Or the moments when we are just playing outside and magical things imaginary things happen and you want to snap picture or take a video but ya don't want to interrupt the moments."

I bet you can imagine how excited and moved I was to receive this message in my inbox. Sheena gets me

When I received Sheena's Questionnaire, I was so excited to find she gave me tons of details about their family life! Ideas for their lifestyle family photoshoot came alive as I read her answers.

Although she said, "Home, of course, is where our heart is but I'm not sure how photogenic my house so I'm skeptical but not opposed," I listed Home Sweet Home as one of their three photoshoot ideas, just incase they ended up loving the idea.

They did!

I LOVE when my clients embrace their kids personalities, even when it's not traditionally a picture perfect moment... or is it? Haha!

I took each sentence from her questionnaire and turned it into a scene to be photographed.

"We spend a lot of time in the living room whether it be watching something on television or playing blocks, legos, having wrestling matches, doing homework, it seems to be where we gather."

"In the kitchen is where I spend my time. I love to cook for my family. It's sort of my way of telling them I love you."