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The Desai Family at Home

"We are moving into our home here at the beginning of April. We like nature photos but also like urban photos like potentially in the arts district downtown or something like that." - Carli wrote about their current life in her lifestyle family photoshoot questionnaire.

So we planned on having their photoshoot at Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem, to welcome them to their new home city.

Then of course, it rained! So we moved the photoshoot to their home sweet home.

Carli opened the door with a smile which immediately made me feel like I was meeting an old friend.

Despite the assumed chaos three little kids, moving into a new house, and a last minute photoshoot location change would bring, she effortlessly introduced me to her well dressed family as if their house was cleaned and their kids were dressed by some magical fairy godmother. This boss mama juggles it all!

If you want to learn some of her tips and tricks, follow Chaos Styled! her lifestyle blog!

Her youngest child, August, was turning one years old around the time of our photoshoot.

What I LOVE about first birthday photoshoot, is that Carli had the vision to capture him as he is, knocking down towers and playing with his family.

"He is a definite joy and completer piece for our family. The big ones love him (usually) and often make him laugh. He also loves tickles. He pulls up to stand on everything and sticks his hands in the dog water every chance he gets."

"I want to capture the natural smiles and giggles that we often see. More about laughing and smiling together, less about posing for pictures." - I love when I hear that from families! That's my speciality!

Since young kids are happiest when they have a few activities and playtime, we planned to play with blocks, read in bed, visit Sister's room, and share a snack in the kitchen. That way, happiness and genuine smiles will naturally come!

I spy, with my little eye, a GALLERY WALL!

Thank you Carli, Nishant, Ayden, Ansley, and August for inviting me into your new home sweet home to capture your wonderful family. I hope you enjoy your photos for all the happy years to come.

~ Alisha Raquel

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