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Katie & Hien's Mini Golf Engagement Photoshoot

Katie and I went to West Forsyth High School together. If I was ever having a bad day, she would always make me feel welcome when I walked into drama club. She can make anyone laugh from their toes at a moments notice. When she asked me to do her engagement photos, I was thrilled!

Since Hien and Katie work at Winston-Salem's Adventure Landing together, we decided to incorporate mini golf into their lifestyle engagement photoshoot!

When I told them to make each other laugh, they certainly did not disappoint.

"I thought you might ask us to make each other laugh. So I prepared a few things to say to Hien," - Katie said.

After a few mini golfing moments, we went inside to play their favorite game.

Hien has two dogs which adore him, can you tell?

To finish the photoshoot, we took them on a walk at Winston-Salem's Miller Park.

Thank you Katie and Hien for a wonderful lifestyle engagement photoshoot! I hope these photos capture how you love to make each other laugh, enjoy your time working together at Adventure Landing, and how you both cherish your sweet dog babies during your time as an engaged couple!



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