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The Partridge Family Welcomes Baby Harvey

The Partridge Family had their first family photoshoot with their new member, Harvey!

The last time I was at their house, we were joyfully anticipating his arrival with a lifestyle maternity photoshoot.

I texted Kay before I arrived, letting her know I was going to be there a little early but they didn't need to be picture ready when I arrived. She told me the door would be open and to make myself at home.

For their lifestyle family photoshoot, Ben and Judah played with blocks and the family cuddled on the couch.

The summer heat was starting to sink in, so we went inside. (Perks of having your photoshoot at home!)

I love this photo of Kay and Harvey so much. Probably because I can relate to it. Mother hood is crazy action packed ya'll. Those moments where you can just take a breath and hold your happy baby in your arms, are the moments you want to keep forever.

Harvey was laying on his pillow and Judah said he wanted to join him. How sweet!

Towards the end, since baby Harvey can't sit up yet, we focused on more carefully styled photos. We may have pushed our luck a little bit, which lead to these amazing bloopers.