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Ice-Cream, Coffee, Playground oh my!

Many moons ago I began to work for No Sweat Specialties, as their lifestyle marketing photographer. A big thank you for Santana Fulp for giving me such a dream job!

They are a local business near Pilot Mountain which makes socks, wrist and head bands for major companies like Sheetz and Tyson. Together with Santana's vision (she lands the location, models and plans the vision for the photoshoot) we create lifestyle photos to show the product in an every day setting.

(The final count of edited photos is over 100, so here are the carefully selected highlights.)

For this photoshoot, Santana's pastor's family graciously agreed to model for us!

Aren't they gorgeous!? I couldn't believe they were not professional models. When I showed these marketing photos to other people they asked, "Where did you get the models?" They were surprised to find out they were a real family that came to support Santana!

We gifted them family photos during the shoot as a thank you gift. So this photoshoot is a mix of promotional product shots and family photos. Two of my favorite things to photograph!

We met at the quaint, charming downtown of a small southern town, in King, North Carolina.

Santana's lovely friend let us into a new coffee shop!

We couldn't help but capture a few cuddly photos of the romance that started such a beautiful family.

If you haven't discovered it already, there's an amazing new playground in King with musical toys, a handicap friendly swing, castles to explore and much more. We took the kids there and just let them play! Every now and then I guided them into a certain photo when I saw the opportunity for one.

I kept turning to Santana and saying, "Wow! Their kids are so kind and listen so well!" She said, "Yes! I keep telling them they should write a parenting book." I agree!

What's even more special, they have another one on the way!

As a special treat, we went to Dairi-O! Look at this Dairi-O exterior! Definitely the coolest ice-cream shop I've seen.