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Happy 4th Birthday!

For birthday photoshoots, my goal is capture who the birthday kid is right now during this year of childhood. I want to capture how they smile when they're happy, how they love to run, dance, play and just be!

So, when a birthday photoshoot is being planned, I encourage the parent(s) to think about what their child loves to do right now and together we can create a photoshoot plan which will capture their child's personality.

This gal loves bubbles and playing at the splash pad for her summer birthday. So that's what we did!

Her Mom is absolutely amazing to work with. I specialized in lifestyle family photography.

Lifestyle photographs capture the story of the family. It's not quite documentary photography because I do step in and ask them to move into the best lighting, or do something specific like jump, to capture a photogenic moment.

We also choose a a location that is meaningful to what is being captured. Then we plan a few activities that the family or birthday child enjoys doing. That way instead of simply posing and cheesing, we capture storytelling photos that capture the journey.

This family really loves the lifestyle family photography concept as much as I do! For each photoshoot, we do make sure to get at least one or two posed photos so that we can see everyone's full face. Just incase we'd simply like to remember what they look like now, and gift a portrait to family members.

"How old are you?"

We met at Hathaway Splash pad near Winston-Salem North Carolina right at sunset. Her Mom brought the chair for posed photos, a bubble machine, and a watering can to add some interest and activities to the photoshoot.

If you know me from college, you know I was a big fan of Peter Pan. Can you pick up on the neverland vibe of these photos?

"Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings."

~ Alisha Raquel

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