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Best Rainy Day Place for Kids

"Guess where we're going today?"

"The museum!?" - Arlo eagerly hopes we are going to The Children's Museum aka Sciworks every day this summer.

(We use The Children's Museum, Sciworks, and Kaleideum North interchangeably just to add a bit more confusion to our lives.)

Well, if you've met my kid, you know he can be too adorably cute to resist.

Plus, I love seeing him explore at Sci-works. You can see the gears turning in his mind, his face light up, and energy ignite.

With all of the rainy days coming up, in Arlo's opinion, this is the best place to be.

Spending rainy and sunny days at Sciworks has certainly been one of our favorite memories of Summer 2018.

The Ice Venture exhibit almost shakes with the energy that fills the room. Kids run, jump, play, throw snowballs, build igloos, and race.


- Arlo, age 2, saving the fish from being trampled or dying from lack of imaginary water. He barely gets hit by a snowball himself.

He brings them back to the ice fishing pond.

He makes sure they're safe at home every day that we visit.

"Do you like the ice fishing pond?" - one of the creators of the exhibit asked me.

"Yes! It's Arlo's favorite spot of the exhibit."

"Oh good! We were thinking of putting ice fishing rods here, but we thought that might easily turn into a weapon."

"Oh yes, I'm glad you decided against that one."

I appreciate the nod to parents struggling to get their kids to brush their teeth.

You're as fierce as the lion little girl.

Saving sand, which I will later forget she put in her pockets before she gets it all over the house.

Even though Sci-works has so many show stopping interactions, Arlo still prefers the simple things. This is is favorite spot.

Well, almost his favorite. A barn full of animals is his true happy place. Plus, in his imagination, a million puppies too.

Thank you Kaleideum North, for making my child's third summer a magical one.

I'll keep calling you Sci-works.

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