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Ellie & Torrin's Country Princess Birthday Party

"Me go to a party and eat cake?" - Arlo's daily question. I was finally able to tell me him yes! His cousins Ellie and Torrin celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthday this weekend.

We drove from Winston-Salem to the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We parked by a vegetable garden. We heard the sound of a waterfall and kids playing as we walked up the gravel driveway to the party.

The party was at their Grandparents house, on the land which their Dad Grayson grew up on.

Gina found these oversized flowers at the Goodwill in Mount Airy. Can you believe it? Follow Fisher Moon Photography just incase she uses them in a photoshoot!

"Me see the party!" - Arlo said, looking for the party despite us already being there.

"We're at the party!"

"Me see the CAKE!"

Aaaah the party is where the cake is...

For their joint birthday party, Ellie and Torrin picked out their own cakes. The princess cake is Torrin's and the Aerial cake is Ellie's.

I barely had a chance to take these photos before a little finger scooped up some icing.

Torrin was afraid of the flame,

but Dad helped her.

Cake anticipation...

Arlo's happy place.

As I edit these photos, he's saying, "Me eat cake again!"

Present time!

A princess and her treasures.

Now onward to country things like snakes!

Their Mommy grew up outside with animals so it wasn't a surprise when she came over with a snake in her hand to show the kids. How freakin cool.

Before the party ended, we wanted to get a family photo. "There's a waterfall over there. That might be a good spot, but you tell me." - Gina said, casually pointing out one of the most beautiful spots I've seen for picture taking lol.

"Can we go down to the waterfall?"


Then I watched Grayson and Gina gracefully bounce down the cliff to the waterfall.

I followed and slipped and slid and got a big bruise.

"Yeah, you can do that easy when you grow up in the country," Weston later told me.

I guess I'm a city girl after all. Haha.

Happy Birthday Ellie and Torrin!

~ Alisha Raquel

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