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Avery's First Birthday!

The Holland Family and I had our first photoshoot in December 2017. They had welcomed their baby Avery to their family and were moving out of their first family home. So, we had a moving themed photoshoot to celebrate their milestones!

The moved into their new home sweet home and Avery turned one year old! To celebrate, Jessica invited me over for lifestyle, first birthday photoshoot.

I traveled from my home in Clemmons, North Carolina to their home. I was greeted with a smile and a, "Come on in!"

Cozy, southern home decor made me feel right at home.

Photos from our first photoshoot hung white window shutters above the fireplace. How cute!

Since I had not seen Avery in almost a year, it was such a sweet moment for me when he first entered the room walking on his own!

Avery in 2018...

Avery in 2017...

He is still a smiley, happy baby!

"Avery is learning new things everyday, including holding your hand and taking you where he wants to play. He also brings his books to you and will climb up in your lap to read." - a quote from Jessica's say hello questionnaire.

“Today, and everyday, I am thankful for my son. He is sweet, funny and so smart. He is, for the most part, easy to handle. I enjoy watching him learn and love how excited he gets about books - every time I come home he yells, “mama, book” 😂😍 I’m so incredibly blessed and thank God all throughout my days for the opportunity to be Avery’s mommy.”

- Jessica Holland

Photos of Jessica's childhood was hung on the fridge with a magnet I sent them of a photo from Avery's childhood!

Avery's Grandma joined us with birthday balloon fun! Granny always has the fun treats right?

"We have dance parties in the kitchen." - Jessica told me as we were planning their lifestyle at home photoshoot.

We put on some of Avery's favorite jams, and it was obvious that they really do dance in the kitchen often! Avery started waving his hands. Mama and Dada joined in.

I felt like I was photographing a movie flash back to the main character's fun childhood. Only, this was real life! So much better. I can just Avery looking back on this photos many many years from now and smiling.

winston salem lifestyle family photographer

The Holland's are big baseball fans. Avery is now old enough to start playing catch with Dada!

But still small enough to fly with Mama.

winston salem family photographer

flash back to 2017...

For a bit more traditional birthday photos, they set up an awesome baseball themed first birthday cake smash!