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Cakes and All Things Yummy

I opened up my e-mail and I got a message which said, "I just want to capture my family enjoying some of the things we love to do in our town. If we can get a few posed portraits that would be great, but otherwise I want the kids to have fun and not dread taking pictures this year."


I was so excited to carry out the mission of Alisha Raquel Photography and create fun, storytelling photos for The Wiant family.

In my say hello questionnaire, I ask family's what they like to do together. I use their answers as inspiration to create a few ideas for their family photoshoot. Angela already knew what she wanted and I absolutely LOVED her idea.

"I would like to do some photos at Cake and All Things Yummy (while having cupcakes of course) then make our way through Main Street Kernersville to Harmon Park. These are place my family loves!"

We met at Cake & All Things Yummy in Kernersville, North Carolina for their lifestyle family photoshoot.

The owner was so sweet and gave us permission to photograph there ahead of time. She even came out to say hello and meet us!

As soon as Angela's kids came through the door, they got so excited over their cupcake choices. We put introductions on hold so I could capture their initial excitement!

Anticipating their cupcake arrival.

I picked a spot that had the best lighting and where I would be able to see everyone in the photo. I moved the curtains a bit, moved the chairs, and then told them to sit and just enjoy their cupcakes! No forced posing, just sweet fun.

After their cupcakes were finished, we walked through the town of Kernersville. If you haven't been, it's a great place for a day trip. You should visit one of my favorite vintage decor and clothing shops Jane, take a tour of Korner's Folly, and of course end with a treat at Cake and All Things Yummy.

We took a while to Harmon Park and let the kids play. I didn't give them any direction. I just ran around like a crazy paparazzi capturing what they do naturally.

Then we gathered by the fountain for a few more posed family photos.

Each year, David takes a photo holding Weston and Natalie in his arms. Angela said, "We have to take a picture like that this year! Soon you won't be able to pick them both up anymore!"

Thank you Wiant Family for taking a risk on a new approach to family photography with me! It was an honor to be your first lifestyle family photographer in your hometown of Kernersville, North Carolina. I hope these photos help you cherish this sweet time in your life for all the years to come.

Enjoy the little moments today,


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