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Weston's Newborn Portraits

Shortly beyond the skyline of Winston-Salem, North Carolina is a quaint country town. There's a local produce store on the corner, a log cabin, a field, and then my friend Yocelim's house!

We met when our babies were taking their first steps at Juxtaposition Dance Studio.

I turned into her gravel driveway and parked by the chicken coop. She opened the door to her country home with a newborn in her arms. I was so excited to meet Weston!

Yocelim has such a gift for creating a welcoming home. Details in every corner express the love she shares for her family.

I asked how her oldest, Francesca is doing with her new baby brother. She said, "They love each other. When she wakes up in the morning, she turns over and says good morning to him. Then they lovingly stare at each other."

But of course, they have their hilarious moments as well.

As baby Weston started to fuss, Yocelim whispered endearing spanish words to comfort him. It was so sweet to witness.

He was immediately comforted by her sweet mama magic. Everyone joined in for family snuggles on the bed.

How cute are her rings! They say the names of her children.

I always ask my families if there are any activities they enjoy doing together that they would like to capture in their lifestyle family photoshoot. Yocelim said they love having tea parties with Francesca. So we went to Francesca's and Weston's room, which was decorated with notes of love.

I spy Arlo!

Tony made passion tea and brought it to the tea party.

How cute is a tea party with a daughter and father?! I just can't get enough. If you're on instagram, check out Tony's Insta Marine_Brah . After being friends with them for a while, I found out he was an Insta celebrity. No big deal. Haha! If you dig guns, cowboys, and marines, go give it a browse.

We took a few cowboy hat photos just for him. (Though I may have put a few on backwards.)

Ok back to bows and cuteness...

We said hello to their dog Bandit, and then went to their porch for a posed family photo of everyone together.

Thank you Catalan family for inviting me into your home to capture your now family of four!

As Weston and Francesca grow up together, I hope you smile back on these photos. I wish you all the happiness in the years to come!

Alisha Raquel

Winston-Salem Lifestyle Family Photographer

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