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William's Newborn Portraits

Veronica and I met at Juxtaposition Dance studios when my son Arlo was almost 1 years old. She sent me a message saying she was expecting a rainbow baby and wanted me to come capture his newborn portraits!

I was so honored.

Their home was filled with signs of love in their decor, play and signs of newborn parent life with a feeding chart and newborn gear.

Look at that peace sign!

"Daniel you have a present from your baby brother!" Veronica said as she got out a gift bag.

He was so happy to see his new toy cars and get some love too. It was so sweet to see him start playing with his baby brother and to imagine all the fun they will have together.

Daniel playing peek a boo with me while the baby nursed between photos.

After our photo checklist was complete, John and Daniel started to get ready to go trick or treating because it was Halloween Day!

Congratulations on your sweet rainbow baby!

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