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How to Prepare for your Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot

In my first few weeks as a mother, I hardly had time to take a shower, let alone clean my house for a newborn photoshoot.

Yet, despite the exhaustion and our small apartment being filled with all sorts of baby gear, I still made time to take photos. Even when it's chaos, it's still absolutely precious.

So major props to you, for booking a newborn photographer! The fact that you are intentionally capturing this moment while juggling all the new emotions and challenges makes you absolutely amazing!

This blog is to help reassure you that everyone's house is a disaster sometimes and there's no need to try to make everything perfect before your photographer arrives. If you do want to put in a little effort, here are some tips for the most effective way to use your precious cleaning energy.

1. Clean areas that receive naturally lighting by windows

When I arrive, right away I look at all rooms in the house for the room with the best lighting. That will be the room with the most windows receiving diffused sunlight. So if you'd rather not have clutter in your photos, throw everything into the darkest room. We won't go there.

Go ahead and make the bed or couch. Baby cuddles are a must.

2. Gather baby soothing supplies

Well, if you don't know it already, babies cry...A LOT. And they won't stop just because it's family photo time, haha! That's totally ok. They're faces still look so cute all scrunched up. But just incase, put together a few things to soothe baby such as a warm bottle, pacifier (if being used), noise machine, swaddle, back up diapers & wipes and anything else that makes baby happy.

3. Put together your outfits

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! If you're light skinned avoid true whites, if your dark skinned avoid darks. You should also avoid neon and busy patterns. My personal favorite are neutral earth tones like mustard gold, olive green, burgundy, navy, and gray. For more tips, visit my How to Dress for Your Photoshoot blog. In the end, all that matters is that you feel happy and comfortable.

3. Set Your Intention

It's so easy to get caught up in the preparing frenzy or anxiety that sometimes accompanies having your photo taken. So go ahead, take a deep breath and relax. Why are you getting your photo taken? Years from now when you look at these photos you're going to remember how you FELT when those photos were taken. So after you do your preparations, let go and let it be.

Enjoy the precious time you have with your newborn and appreciate yourself for giving your family the gift of this precious family heirloom.

Enjoy the little moments today,

Alisha Raquel Photography

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