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Wedding Day Photo List

When you invest your hard earned money in your wedding photographer, I'm sure your stomach must be a jumble of butterflies hoping they deliver exactly what you want. It's ALWAYS a good idea to communicate with your photographer and make sure you're on the same page!

When I capture a wedding day, I have a list of must have photos that I usually get on the day! Here they are:


1. The dress

When I arrive, usually the bridal party is in the early stages of getting ready. They're waking up or getting settled, which gives me time to gather the details. I often spend about 30 - 45 minutes taking photos of the details (dress, shoes, rings, etc.)

2. The rings

3. Accessories - shoes, necklaces, braceletes, earrings, if you're wearing them.

4. Location shots (wide shots of your venue from the outside)

5. Candids of the bridal party getting ready

6. The ceremony area - wide shots, details

First Look:

How I photograph the first look varies on the location and how events unfold naturally, but here is what I keep in mind:

1. Wide shot of one walking up to the other

2. Reaction shots of them seeing each other

3. Capture naturally as events unfold

4. Photos of the couple

The Ceremony:

1. Guests arriving, signing a guest book if it's there

2. Ceremony entrances (If given permission by you and your venue, I stand up by the altar area for entrances and shoot down the aisle)