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Twin Baby Girls!

"It's been over 2 years since the shoot you did for our son Ender. Last week we welcomed Ender's little sisters Inga and Tula to the world and wanted to schedule a newborn shoot," Reggie, now Father of three, wrote to me in an e-mail. I was so excited!! I headed right over to their house in Winston-Salem to photograph their newborn twins!

Mariah provided us with a gorgeous basket and blankets.

I wondered if it was inappropriate to ask if they could tell them apart, but they immediately said nope! They have anklets which help us tell the difference. Ha! That's just a little example of how fun and laid back this family is!

Mariah and her loved one created a hot air balloon for the girls to sit in! I was blown away.

We headed back inside for their cozy, in home lifestyle newborn portraits.

Thank you for inviting me to your home sweet home to photograph your family of five!! Congratulations!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos for all the many, happy years to come.

~ Alisha Raquel

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