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Liz and Wes' Mountain Elopement

Liz and I met at drama club at West Forsyth High School in Clemmons, North Carolina. She always bounced in the theater with a smile and radiant energy.

She told me she was engaged and she wanted to capture their love story.

We had their engagement photoshoot at Penny Path Cafe and Crepe shop at Reynolda Village, where they often went on date night.

Then she told me, "We're eloping in the mountains. Want to come?"


"On our first date, he wore a button up, I was feeling sick and wore sweatpants (classy, I know). We talked honestly about life, scars, books, our quirks, disappointments, desires - and most importantly, we quoted the grinch together."

The rented the cutest Airbnb in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Adorable wedding day details were laid out in Liz's room. I took them outside for a few detail photos.

Liz and her friends are the type that make you feel immediately like part of the family.

When everyone was ready, they met on the back porch for the ceremony!

Wes' vows:

"I have been trying to think of the right words to say. It is not every day you find yourself writing vows. There are no words to describe what I feel right now. The idea that you are about to be my wife is surreal. I am the luckiest man alive. And as your husband I vow to always learn from you, to always be your partner, and remember its us versus the problem instead of each other. I vow to always listen to your fears, your dreams, your goals. I vow to love you the rest of my life."

Liz's vows:

Some girls dream of movie-screen whirlwind romances. I always dreamed of a life loving people and making a difference and generally being a badass – and someone to play board games with, and take naps, and eat too much pizza and I got all that and more, beyond my wildest dreams.

I also have someone who watched the Grinch on our first date and didn’t run. I cherish the days on our couches, you being by my side through the hard and awkward and “much-too-soon” – through the conversations that jumped from favorite ice cream to deep regrets to book recommendations to puns in 10 minutes. And I’m not sure there’s one moment when I knew you were the one, but all at once I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.

So, standing here today, in front of the most important people in our lives, I wanted to promise you a few things. I promise to put us first, before work and friends, and even Zoey (our cat). I promise to love you relentlessly – on the days when our first kiss feels like yesterday and the days we really don’t want to feel anything. I promise to play, to keep having fun and adventures and keep you on your toes. I promise to share my secrets, my big and little joys, my victories and defeats, my good and bad days and I promise to never keep you in the dark. I promise to celebrate with you, cry with you, let you vent, cheer for you and support you with all I have, even if that means just listening and not fixing anything.

I promise to always tell you about the books I read and share the songs that make me think of you. I promise to let you win phase 10 (sometimes). I promise to be strong for you, and more importantly to let you be strong for me and lean into your love for me even when I don’t want to admit that I need somebody. I promise: to keep learning and growing with you, to keep letting you surprise me, to keep trying to win thumb wars, to keep letting you give me fireworks. And I promise there’s more… but for now and from this moment forward, I am so blessed and lucky and beyond excited to have you, Wesley William Miller, as my husband, best friend, cheerleader, and safe harbor and I fully and truly love you more.. most."

Their first kiss seamlessly turned into their first dance.

Congratulations Liz and Wes! It was an absolute honor to photograph your wedding day in Black Mountain, North Carolina. I hope you enjoy your photos for all the many, happy years to come.

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