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Liz and Wes' Mountain Elopement

Liz and I met at drama club at West Forsyth High School in Clemmons, North Carolina. She always bounced in the theater with a smile and radiant energy.

She told me she was engaged and she wanted to capture their love story.

We had their engagement photoshoot at Penny Path Cafe and Crepe shop at Reynolda Village, where they often went on date night.

Then she told me, "We're eloping in the mountains. Want to come?"


"On our first date, he wore a button up, I was feeling sick and wore sweatpants (classy, I know). We talked honestly about life, scars, books, our quirks, disappointments, desires - and most importantly, we quoted the grinch together."

The rented the cutest Airbnb in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Adorable wedding day details were laid out in Liz's room. I took them outside for a few detail photos.

Liz and her friends are the type that make you feel immediately like part of the family.

When everyone was ready, they met on the back porch for the ceremony!