Hawk's Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips

Hawk's Pumpkin patch can be found at 2558 W Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem, NC.

It is the cutest little cut pumpkin patch in Winston. They have red radio flyer wagons you can use to pull your pumpkins around. They have funnel cake, ice-cream and more fall treats. Their pumpkins come in many colors, white, orange, pastel grey/blue, and light orange. They also have cutesy, country photo set ups such as a red, vintage postal service carriage, a wooden carriage, a baby sized swing, a scare crow and more.

It's a cute place to visit if you love fall vibes.

Here are a few tips on how to take the best photos. I'll walk you through how to optimize the lighting and set up for their specific pumpkin patch.

  1. Things to Consider When Deciding When to Go:

  2. When will it be less crowded?

  3. When will lighting be best?

The best time for lighting depends on how many trees are present. For Hawk's Pumpkin Patch in Winston-Salem, I would recommend sunset (4:00 - 6/7). I would avoid 11am - 2pm because the lighting will be harsh, which makes exposure difficult on a manual camera. The sun sets behind the field and behind the patch, which may mean the morning sun may also be harsh for this location. I would recommend in the late afternoon before 5pm when people get off work, or at sunset. Google sun set hour, the date you want to visit, and winston-salem. Plan to arrive at least an hour and a half before the estimated sun set time.

2. If there are any wide, full body shots you would like to get, do that before a crowd arrives. If a crowd is already there, keep an eye out for a not so crowded spot as you go. Try not to photograph people visiting. If you want to blur them out of focus, use a low f-stop. I stayed around a 2-3 for these photos. I used a 4 for the group photos to make sure everyone was in focus. Try to position everyone evenly in the shade.

3. Get in some squats! If you bring kids, squat down to their level. You'll be able to get a nice view of the pumpkins.

4. Have fun using their props! Be aware of what is in the background, try your kids' ideas and have fun with it!

Use their red wagons too!

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