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@ 2017 by Alisha Raquel

Wendy & Kevin's Elopement

August 20, 2018

Have you ever met someone who was so sweet, laid back, kind and yet a total badass with an amazing career? Wendy and Kevin are those type of people. 


Upon first meeting them, they both had a soft-spokenness way about them. The instantly connected with me with a welcoming hand shake and smiling eyes.



Kevin is a civil engineer and Wendy is the curator of Secca.


I grew up in the art world of Winston, attending events at Secca with my family. So, I couldn't help but feel as if I was photographing a celebrity yet she felt like an old friend.


Kevin and Wendy decided to have a serendipitous elopement!


"Kevin proposed on our 4 year anniversary right before he went to grad school, and after 3 years of engagement we wanted to just go to the courthouse and make it happen." - Wendy 



A few of their close family and friends traveled to Winston-Salem to share the joy! They were soaking up every moment through photos of their own.


Those who could not attend, tuned in via Facetime or facebook live.





"We want photos that can be appreciated by our extended friends and family out of state. We are chill and have a lot of fun, and I am not super girly. We’d like some photos that show off the beauty of our new locale." - Wendy



When I talk to fellow admirers of Winston-Salem, we all agree on one thing. Winston is a growing art city with the feel of a small town. 


It's a blank canvas for the art world, which I'm so happy Wendy and Kevin are now part of.



 They got married downtown at the Forsyth County Government Center. I did expect a government building to be a bit dreary with old, beige dusty carpets and flickering lights. However, it was far more beautiful.





We met in the lobby, placing final details, and taking photos as we awaited their elopement time to arrive.







Wendy's earrings were her grandmother's. 




She wore something old, new, borrowed and blue.



"The bouquet makes it feel official." - Wendy.




As the time drew nearer, we entered the Civil Magistrate's room. I'll let the photos take over this part of the story for a bit.

























 It's in these moments, I truly cherish documenting history, a monumental moment for this wonderful family's lives.