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Hi, I'm Alisha.

The purpose I chose for my life is to elevate the stories and gifts of others. My tool is photography, writing and social media marketing. 

When I'm asked, "What type of photography do you do?" fifteen years worth of photoshoots flash before my eyes. The occasion which calls for my services changes but the purpose remains the same. I capture and tell your story.

So, if you are engaged, starting your career, building your business or in the midst of a unique, memorable life chapter, I'm here for you.

What Brings You Here?

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I offer social media marketing packages and photography services.



It would be an honor to capture this chapter of your life story



I'm sharing what I've learned through my 15 years of building a business, for free!

Coming Soon!

Contact Alisha

If you do not here from me within 3 business days, e-mail me directly at

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