Hi, I'm Alisha.

After graduating with a BFA in Film Making from UNCSA, I worked on a few major motion pictures. With each film I worked on, my goal was to make a positive impact on someone's life through art. As I worked on set, I grew my photography business. I noticed I received a deep sense of purpose by photographing families, weddings and small businesses. I made the leap, pursued what made me feel alive, and created Alisha Raquel Photography.

Through Alisha Raquel Photography, I have fallen in love with capturing real stories and building the small business economy of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I spend my days:

  • Hiking with my 4 year old

  • Store Coordinating for Wild Things

  • Attending classes at Fearless

  • Reading books on social and environmental justice

  • Raising hell

Contact Alisha

If you do not here from me within 3 business days, e-mail me directly at alisharaquelphotography@gmail.com

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-    Email: alisharaquelphotography@gmail.com  -  Based in Winston-Salem, N.C , traveling around the U.S

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